PlayStation 5 reports sad news about its overheating

PlayStation 5 reports sad news about its overheating

Sales of the next-generation PlayStation 5 game console will start very soon, some users will receive consoles already on November 12, and demonstration stands with PS5 have appeared in stores.

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Sources confirm that some major US retail stores have installed Sony PlayStation 5 demo stands. Users have already tried the console in operation, and some even managed to capture the moment when the PlayStation 5 overheated and issued a corresponding message.

Your PlayStation 5 is too hot. Unplug your console and wait for the temperature to drop.

According to one of the versions, the problem was caused by the fact that the set-top box was placed in a tiny enclosed space behind the glass, where hot air is likely to accumulate.

To dissipate heat, the Sony PlayStation 5 is equipped with a 120mm fan, which is responsible for cooling both sides of the console. How effective such a system is, we will learn from the first customer reviews next week.

Previously, one of the insiders was able to measure the temperature of the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. According to him, at peak load, the PlayStation 5 heats up to 65 C, this is the worst result among the three consoles.

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