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Telegram may be blocked in Germany

Telegram in Germany faces a fine of $55 million and a ban on the general background of ignoring the messenger requests of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior. This is written by the German publication Der Spiegel.

The author of the material notes that Telegram is “probably the most dangerous” messenger in the world since it is popular with criminals and terrorists and is practically not regulated by the authorities of states.

In particular, in Germany, it attracts “covid-dissidents”, right-wing extremists, drug dealers, and scammers, the magazine writes. Attention is drawn to the fact that “you do not need to search much to find a ‘firing list’ with the names of members of the German Parliament”.

“Crimes are openly and explicitly planned and committed in Telegram. The app has become the equivalent of the darknet in your pocket, “ the article says.

In this regard, according to the publication, the German Ministry of Justice requires that the platform become available to the authorities, immediately remove criminal content and actively transfer user data to investigators.

In addition, the agency intends to fine Telegram 55 million for the fact that it did not specify a contact person for the authorities and did not offer a procedure for filing complaints of criminal offenses, as required by German law.

The Federal Department of Justice allegedly sent two letters to Dubai, where the creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov, is now located, ordering a hearing on this issue.

If the company refuses to cooperate, it is possible to block the application in Germany, an official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told the publication.

It is noted that Telegram has been installed on 570 million smartphones, and since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the application has become more popular than ever.

Samsung smartphone owners are under threat of surveillance

More than a dozen vulnerabilities have been found in Samsung smartphones that allow attackers to discreetly monitor their owners and even take control of the device, according to media reports. The company may need about two months to release a patch with bug fixes, while the security of users of the phones of the South Korean vendor is under threat.

Samsung is working on a security update for its devices that should fix dozens of vulnerabilities.

More than ten different errors were found in the system of Samsung smartphones, which represent threats of various levels for owners.

So, these vulnerabilities can allow hackers to both spies on users and gain access to SMS messages and system documents, and completely intercept the control of a smartphone.

At the same time, a potential victim is not required to perform any actions, such as clicking on a phishing link or downloading an infected application, in order to get hooked by cybercriminals.

With the help of a special scanner application, managed to find several viruses that are in pre-installed applications and allow hackers to monitor the user. The researcher also found that some software has the ability to gain device administrator rights by deleting other applications.

Due to the serious threat posed by the vulnerabilities found, information about which smartphones or versions of the Android operating system were affected is hidden.

However, the main problem is that Android (unlike iOS) is open source, and different smartphone manufacturers have different approaches to the update process and the speed of patch release.

So, Samsung may need about two months to release a patch with an update of security measures. It is also worth remembering that older phones may not be updated at all, as they do not support the current version of the operating system.

In order not to become a victim of cybercriminals, many information security experts recommend that users regularly update the firmware of their devices through the settings in the “Software Update” section, you can check for available updates and install them.

Apple plans to release updated iPad tablets

Apple is developing new tablet models-the iPad Pro with wireless charging and the new iPad Mini. This is reported by Bloomberg.

According to the publication, the company plans to release a new iPad Pro in 2022, and the iPad Mini-at the end of this year. The main design change for the iPad Pro is the introduction of a glass back panel instead of the current aluminum body, as well as wireless charging. The updated iPad Mini, in turn, will have narrower screen borders.

It is noted that the iPad over the past year brings Apple a significant profit, as people were looking for new ways to work, study and have fun at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Tablet sales jumped 43% in the last six months of 2020. The increase continued in the first three months of 2021 when tablets brought in $7.8 billion — up 79% from the same quarter a year earlier.

Earlier it was reported that the iOS 14.6 update led to too fast battery discharge in a number of iPhone models. Several users of the official Apple tech support forum reported problems with the battery.

Facebook to revoke privileges for politicians when posting messages on social networks

Facebook plans to deprive political figures of privileges when publishing messages on its social networks. This is reported by The Verge.

According to the publication, the change, which Facebook is going to announce on Friday, June 4, is due to the restriction of access to the former US President Donald Trump in the social network.

Instagram Facebook’s oversight board backed a decision in early May to block Trump’s access to Facebook and Instagram accounts after the Republican supporters stormed the Capitol in January. The Board recommended that the company decide within six months whether to keep the ban in force. The company’s management was also asked not to draw a clear line between prominent politicians and other influential users during moderation.

The portal emphasizes that the management of Facebook in recent years adhered to the principle of non-interference when it came to the publications of politicians. The head of the social network Mark Zuckerberg previously admitted that in some cases, the administrators of the social network did not take any measures against publications that violate the rules, because they believed that they were of interest to the public, however, he promised to partially abandon this practice in the future.

The publication notes that the policy of non-interference faced criticism from users when Trump used Facebook for provocations after the murder of African-American George Floyd and then praised his supporters for storming the Capitol. In India, Facebook’s largest country by a number of users, the company has been criticized for not taking action against violent comments from the ruling party.

Earlier, Trump called it an” absolute disgrace “and” humiliation ” to block his pages on social networks. Facebook Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Snapchat accounts were blocked in January of this year after the Capitol was stormed by its supporters.

Bloomberg called the date of the presentation of Windows next generation

The American company Microsoft will hold a presentation of the new version of the Windows operating system (OS) on June 24, 2021. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to the invitation to the presentation, signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation Satya Nadella.

He said that the new software (software) will be one of the “most significant” changes in this decade in the field of OS for personal computers. So, the new operating system will have an updated design, there will be additional opportunities for developers in the Microsoft Store app store and easier ways for users to interact.

First, the new software will be distributed to insiders, that is, software testers.

As the agency notes, the release of the new OS on the market is scheduled for the fall of this year.

Earlier, Microsoft announced that from June 15, 2022, it will stop supporting its Internet browser Internet Explorer. The corporation clarified that this measure will not affect some versions of Windows. We are talking, in particular, about Windows 10 LTSC.