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Apple has sold two billion iPhones

Apple has reached the mark of two billion smartphones sold. This is reported by the publication 9to5mac.

The journalists refer to the calculations of the analyst of the agency Azimco Horace Deidu. Deidu said that the American corporation sold a two-billion-dollar iPhone just the other day. The expert noted that Apple does not advertise this information. “When the numbers become so large, there is a decrease in sensitivity,” Deidu noted and stressed that talking about two billion smartphones is not as interesting as reporting about a billion-dollar device sold.

The analyst drew attention to the fact that Apple has kept the initial cost of the iPhone in the region of $400 for many years, but now the price range for the devices is wider than ever. The author noted that the sales growth is due to profitable lending programs and trade-ins, and retail traffic is growing due to the weakening of coronavirus restrictions in many regions.

In conclusion, Horace Deidu noted that the iPhone is the most popular smartphone on the secondary market, which the specialist explained by the high quality and demand for the device.

In October 2020, analyst Neil Cybart said that Apple has sold one billion iPhones. “13 years after the launch, the iPhone remains the most popular and best-selling smartphone,” the expert noted.

The method of hacking any Apple computer is named

With the help of the program built into macOS, it is possible to hack any Mac computer. This is reported by the publication Bleeping Computer.

The error was discovered by security researcher Park Minchan and partially fixed by Apple. The vulnerability allows you to launch special addresses through emails without the user’s knowledge. This can lead to hacking of the computer.

The Minchan called the error he found a zero-day vulnerability, that is, a problem against which a protective mechanism has not yet been developed. Hackers operating in this way can place links with the .inetloc extension in emails that allow you to open internal bookmarks or network resources using the Finder program. “A vulnerability in macOS Finder allows files with the .inetloc extension to execute arbitrary commands,” the author said.

Such links can be placed unnoticeably in emails. When you click on the link, the command will be executed in the background so that the victim will not notice the attack on his computer.

Apple has already released a patch but has not assigned a CVE identification number to the vulnerability. According to Park Minchin, the company’s engineers have only partially corrected the flaw. Bleeping Computer journalists successfully tested the vulnerability described by Minchan and informed Apple about it, but did not receive a prompt response.

In early autumn, security experts spoke about the possibility of an attack on Windows through a vulnerability in the mechanism of the Internet Explorer browser. Hacking begins with sending MS Office files by mail.

Google is ready to slow down the Chrome browser

Google is considering slowing down the Chrome browser for the sake of user safety, according to the blog of the service team.

According to Chrome research, 70% of vulnerabilities are related to memory security. The experts considered three options that can save users from problems — checking compile time, runtime, and using safer programming languages.

The first method turned out to be unrealizable due to the peculiarities of the C++language. At the same time, the developers noted that you can use MiraclePtr to check the runtime, thanks to which you can get rid of 50% of vulnerabilities in Chrome. If the company decides to choose this option, the security of users will increase, but it can also lead to some problems with the performance and stability of the browser.

In addition, Google employees are considering using the Rust programming language to implement compilation verification.

The most detailed images of the lunar surface have been obtained

The image captured an area 200 kilometers by 175 kilometers, which almost entirely contains the crater Tycho with a diameter of 86 kilometers.

The most detailed photos of the lunar crater Tycho have been published on the website of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) of the U.S.

Photo with a resolution of five by five meters contains 1.4 billion pixels. They were obtained using the radio telescope observatory Green Bank (GBT), located in West Virginia. This observatory is equipped with new technology to convert radar signals into images. And GBT is the largest fully operated radio telescope in the world today, which was equipped with the new technology late last year. The device, along with telescopes from the VLBA (Very Long Baseline Array) complex, which are located throughout the United States, then captured several portions of the moon’s surface. In his lens hit the crater Tycho and the landing sites of NASA’s Apollo program.

After processing the results of their observations, the scientists obtained the first most detailed image of the surface of our planet’s satellite taken from Earth.

“This is the largest synthetic aperture radar image we have produced to date. While there is still much work to be done to improve these images, we are excited to share this incredible image with the public and look forward to getting more images from this project in the near future,” the release said.

It also notes that every pulse transmitted by GBT is reflected from the moon’s surface, received, and stored.

Associated with the motion are small differences that occur from pulse to pulse of radar, which is used to achieve higher resolution.

“It used to be done at distances of a few hundred kilometers, but not hundreds of thousands of kilometers as in this project, and not at such high resolution,” the scientists concluded.

Apple released iOS 15

Apple has released public versions of the OS for smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. This was reported on the company’s website.

The release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8 took place on the same day. To update your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, you need to enter the device settings and select the appropriate item. During the update, the devices will restart several times.

Apple previously announced that iOS 15 will be available on smartphones that have received support for iOS 14. These include current Apple devices and older phones like the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and the original iPhone SE. The new version of the OS received an updated design, support for spatial audio, a Focus mode for concentration at work, and a redesigned notification system.

The operating system for tablets features multitasking, widgets and application libraries, FaceTime with screen sharing, and an updated Safari browser. WatchOS 8 introduces the ability to create watch faces based on portraits, the Mindfulness app for meditation, and sleep monitoring.

The date of the public release of macOS Monterey, which is expected before the end of the year, has not been announced.

Until recently, iOS 14 became available for installation on September 16, 2020. The operating system received support for widgets, a smaller call screen, new privacy settings.