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The most detailed images of the lunar surface have been obtained

The image captured an area 200 kilometers by 175 kilometers, which almost entirely contains the crater Tycho with a diameter of 86 kilometers.

The most detailed photos of the lunar crater Tycho have been published on the website of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) of the U.S.

Photo with a resolution of five by five meters contains 1.4 billion pixels. They were obtained using the radio telescope observatory Green Bank (GBT), located in West Virginia. This observatory is equipped with new technology to convert radar signals into images. And GBT is the largest fully operated radio telescope in the world today, which was equipped with the new technology late last year. The device, along with telescopes from the VLBA (Very Long Baseline Array) complex, which are located throughout the United States, then captured several portions of the moon’s surface. In his lens hit the crater Tycho and the landing sites of NASA’s Apollo program.

After processing the results of their observations, the scientists obtained the first most detailed image of the surface of our planet’s satellite taken from Earth.

“This is the largest synthetic aperture radar image we have produced to date. While there is still much work to be done to improve these images, we are excited to share this incredible image with the public and look forward to getting more images from this project in the near future,” the release said.

It also notes that every pulse transmitted by GBT is reflected from the moon’s surface, received, and stored.

Associated with the motion are small differences that occur from pulse to pulse of radar, which is used to achieve higher resolution.

“It used to be done at distances of a few hundred kilometers, but not hundreds of thousands of kilometers as in this project, and not at such high resolution,” the scientists concluded.

Apple released iOS 15

Apple has released public versions of the OS for smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. This was reported on the company’s website.

The release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8 took place on the same day. To update your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, you need to enter the device settings and select the appropriate item. During the update, the devices will restart several times.

Apple previously announced that iOS 15 will be available on smartphones that have received support for iOS 14. These include current Apple devices and older phones like the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and the original iPhone SE. The new version of the OS received an updated design, support for spatial audio, a Focus mode for concentration at work, and a redesigned notification system.

The operating system for tablets features multitasking, widgets and application libraries, FaceTime with screen sharing, and an updated Safari browser. WatchOS 8 introduces the ability to create watch faces based on portraits, the Mindfulness app for meditation, and sleep monitoring.

The date of the public release of macOS Monterey, which is expected before the end of the year, has not been announced.

Until recently, iOS 14 became available for installation on September 16, 2020. The operating system received support for widgets, a smaller call screen, new privacy settings.

The first smartphone with the side camera has been invented

Oppo has patented the first smartphone with a camera built into the side panel. This is reported by the Dutch publication LetsGoDigital.

Information about the patent was found in the database of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). According to the scheme, the end of the phone is made the hole for the camera, through which the device will be able to shoot at the side of the object.

The description of the patent says that this invention will allow shooting photos and video on smartphones from different angles. For example, when moving the object to the side, the phone won’t have to turn, because the object will fall into the field of view of the side camera. Also, such a design will allow you to take three-dimensional pictures.

According to the engineers of Oppo, such a solution is inexpensive and does not require an additional lens. On the side of the gadget will be a system of mirrors, while the image will be shot on the main camera.

“As soon as the camera detects that an object is moving to the right outside the frame, the mirror will rotate, and the side camera will be activated to continue capturing the event in full focus,” the patent description notes. Whether Oppo intends to apply this invention in real smartphones, is not reported.

Earlier, journalists learned about Samsung’s invention of a stylus with the camera built into it. The description of the patent states that the invention significantly expands the functionality of the stylus for smartphones.

Facebook has often been inactive on criminals in developing countries

Facebook was aware of criminal activity that was being perpetrated using the social network in developing countries, but often failed to act, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing internal company documents.

“The documents show that employees were sounding the alarm about how the platform was being used in some developing countries with a huge and growing user base. They also show the company’s responses, which in many cases are inadequate or non-existent,” the report said.

According to their information, the company was aware of cases of Facebook being used to lure women into sex slavery in the Middle East, incite violence against ethnic minorities in Ethiopia, recruit, train and pay mercenaries for a Mexican cartel, and other illegal activities. However, the social network’s leadership chose to focus its efforts on retaining users, helping business partners, and at times “making arrangements with authoritarian governments” whose support Facebook needed to operate within their borders.

As a former Facebook vice president explained to the publication, the company sees problems in developing countries as “simply the cost of doing business, focusing on providing security in richer markets with powerful governments and media.

Earlier, it was revealed that Facebook had underreported Instagram’s negative impact on teens. In August, U.S. senators urged Facebook to release their findings, to which they received a six-page letter with “evasive” answers to questions.

Microsoft proposed to give up passwords on Windows computers

Microsoft has created a new way to protect data on PCs with the Windows operating system installed. The company announced a password-free unlock feature on its official website.

In order not to enter a password it is proposed to install the Microsoft Authenticator application on the smartphone.

The user will need to go to their Microsoft account, log in and select additional security options. It will be necessary to activate the “No password account” option.

After this, the PC will automatically unlock, but only if the owner’s mobile device is nearby.