The most detailed images of the lunar surface have been obtained

The image captured an area 200 kilometers by 175 kilometers, which almost entirely contains the crater Tycho with a diameter of 86 kilometers.

The most detailed photos of the lunar crater Tycho have been published on the website of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) of the U.S.

Photo with a resolution of five by five meters contains 1.4 billion pixels. They were obtained using the radio telescope observatory Green Bank (GBT), located in West Virginia. This observatory is equipped with new technology to convert radar signals into images. And GBT is the largest fully operated radio telescope in the world today, which was equipped with the new technology late last year. The device, along with telescopes from the VLBA (Very Long Baseline Array) complex, which are located throughout the United States, then captured several portions of the moon’s surface. In his lens hit the crater Tycho and the landing sites of NASA’s Apollo program.

After processing the results of their observations, the scientists obtained the first most detailed image of the surface of our planet’s satellite taken from Earth.

“This is the largest synthetic aperture radar image we have produced to date. While there is still much work to be done to improve these images, we are excited to share this incredible image with the public and look forward to getting more images from this project in the near future,” the release said.

It also notes that every pulse transmitted by GBT is reflected from the moon’s surface, received, and stored.

Associated with the motion are small differences that occur from pulse to pulse of radar, which is used to achieve higher resolution.

“It used to be done at distances of a few hundred kilometers, but not hundreds of thousands of kilometers as in this project, and not at such high resolution,” the scientists concluded.

Biden announced the end of the era of war

During the UN General Assembly session, US President Joe Biden announced the end of the “era of wars” and the beginning of an era of “relentless diplomacy.”

The US military force, according to the American leader, should become the last resort in the arsenal of the state and should not be used to solve every problem in the world. In addition, as Biden stressed, Washington is not seeking a new Cold War.

The American president’s speech was announced the day before. Then a source familiar with the text of Biden’s statement reported that the head of state would talk about the end of the 20-year period of the war in Afghanistan. The source predicted and the president’s words about the Cold War.

The UNGA debate began on September 21 and will end on September 27. The meeting of high-ranking statesmen is taking place at the headquarters of the association in New York. About 110 heads of state, more than 50 heads of government, and over 20 foreign ministers are expected to speak there.

What connects the «King of supermarkets» Carmelo Lucchese and businessman Giovanni Goso

In February 2021, Italian police confiscated €150 million from the “king of supermarkets” in Palermo, who had ties to the mafia.

Carmelo Lucchese, 53, owns 13 supermarkets in and around Palermo, Bagheria, Carini, Bolonetta, San Cipirello and Termini Imerese.

The police froze his bank accounts, and stocks confiscated companies and confiscated property and cars.

Police said their investigation showed that Lucchese, although not a member of Cosa Nostra, was “close” to them.

Informants said he had ties to the Bagheria mafia and had commercial gains from them.

During investigations, investigators discovered a connection between Giovanni Goso, owner of Goso Costruzioni, and the main suspect, Lucchese Carmelo of GAMAC.

Suspicions of a money-laundering scheme appear to be related to the relationship between the two businessmen.

Giovanni Gozo was allegedly responsible for the outside of the responsible company and was involved in the construction of supermarkets and fast-food chains in northern Italy.

At this point, investigators do not rule out that Carmelo and the builder Giovanni Gozo were involved in other illegal activities together and that more people were involved.

Germany has record-high gas prices for household consumers

According to German online price comparison portals, the cost of gas for domestic consumers in Germany has risen to record levels.

According to DW, the Deutschlandfunk radio broadcaster reported this on September 20.

A typical household with a consumption of 20,000-kilowatt-hours will have to pay an average of 1,516 euros for gas, according to data from the portal Check24. The price comparison service Verivox cites a figure of 1,299 euros. Prices have not been this high since July 2015.

The reason for such a jump is said to be the rapid increase in purchase prices. Among the reasons is the low level of gas reserves in underground gas storage in Europe due to the limited supply of gas by pipeline and in liquefied form. Just over a month is left before the transition from pumping to withdrawal from the underground gas storages, and the level of stocks does not exceed 70%.

It is expected that the price of heating with gas will continue to rise in the future, including due to plans to raise the tax on CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels.

As a reminder, a group of MEPs from various political groups in the European Parliament called on the European Commission to investigate Gazprom’s role in the natural gas price hike, saying they suspect market manipulation.

The U.S. urged the EU to speed up the enlargement process

Gabriel Escobar, the newly appointed acting U.S. Undersecretary of State for South Central Europe, called on the EU to speed up the enlargement process for the Western Balkans.

EUobserver reports that.

“To go back 20 years and see that there hasn’t been much progress on that front was a little disappointing,” he told RFE/RL, referring to the positions he held at the time in the context of the Balkan region.

“We would have liked to see more rapid integration,” he said.

Escobar said both the European Union and Western Balkan countries, which include North Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia, and Herzegovina, face challenges that must be overcome to make integration a reality but said he hoped American involvement “will help both sides get back on track.”

Earlier this year, Bulgaria blocked the start of EU accession talks with Northern Macedonia through a language dispute and historical grievances. EU rules require the consensus of all 27 members on many important issues, including enlargement.

Because Albania’s EU accession bid will be considered jointly with Northern Macedonia, Tirana was also affected by the veto.

Escobar noted that Bulgaria should not use the bilateral dispute to stop North Macedonia’s EU accession aspirations.

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