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Biden announced the end of the era of war

During the UN General Assembly session, US President Joe Biden announced the end of the “era of wars” and the beginning of an era of “relentless diplomacy.”

The US military force, according to the American leader, should become the last resort in the arsenal of the state and should not be used to solve every problem in the world. In addition, as Biden stressed, Washington is not seeking a new Cold War.

The American president’s speech was announced the day before. Then a source familiar with the text of Biden’s statement reported that the head of state would talk about the end of the 20-year period of the war in Afghanistan. The source predicted and the president’s words about the Cold War.

The UNGA debate began on September 21 and will end on September 27. The meeting of high-ranking statesmen is taking place at the headquarters of the association in New York. About 110 heads of state, more than 50 heads of government, and over 20 foreign ministers are expected to speak there.

The Pentagon said that Russia has an incredibly powerful armed forces

Russia has incredibly powerful armed forces, and it is necessary to understand how Moscow has managed to transform them over the past two decades. This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (KNSH)during his speech at the non-governmental Atlantic Council US Armed Forces General John Hyten.

“I think it is also important to understand that this surprise did not happen overnight,” the general said.

Earlier, Hyten said that the goal of the United States should be to never wage war with Russia and China, as this will lead to devastating consequences for the whole world.

He called the cold War “the most significant confrontation between two great powers”, as these were “the first two great powers” that possessed a huge arsenal.

Today, Russia, as Hyten stated, is a growing threat to the United States due to the fact that, unlike the American ones, the Russian nuclear forces have been completely modernized.

The U.S. imposed sanctions on five members of al-Qaeda

The move underscores America’s resolve to combat the financing of the terrorist group.

The United States has imposed sanctions on five Turkish al-Qaida sympathizers, Radio Liberty reported citing the U.S. Treasury Department.

This is reported by the U.S. Treasury Department.

According to Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control Andrea Gaki, the sanctions “underscore the unwavering commitment of the United States to combat the financing of al-Qaeda.”

“We will continue to work with our foreign partners, including Turkey, to expose and disrupt al-Qaida’s financial support networks,” she added.

Who made the sanctions list

— Egyptian-born lawyer Majd Salim, who lives in Turkey, was added to the list. The Treasury Department concluded that he is the main coordinator of some al-Qaeda activities in Turkey.

— Muhammad Nasr al-Din al-Gazlani, an Egyptian financial courier who made money transfers in support of al-Qaeda, was also sanctioned.

— Turkish nationals Nurettin Muslimhan, Sebrail Guzel, and Soner Gourlay.

Recall that Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, the second-largest leader of the ultra-radical al-Qaeda group, was killed in Iran on August 7, 2020. He was on the list of the most wanted terrorists.

U.S. intelligence believes that the al-Qaeda terrorist organization responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks in the U.S. could rebuild its capabilities. This will be facilitated by the continued power of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The US accused Belarus of organizing the flow of migrants at the border

The White House has accused the Belarusian authorities of organizing the flow of migrants at the border with Lithuania, US Assistant to the President for National Security Jake Sullivan said during a telephone conversation with Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrid Shimonite.

During the conversation, the presidential aide expressed support for Lithuania, which faced “an attempt of coercion from China.” “The United States highly appreciates the principled position in Lithuania’s foreign policy on supporting democracy and human rights, including in Belarus,” the message reads.

It is also indicated that Sullivan condemned the regime of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko for organizing the flow of illegal migrants across the border.

Earlier, the Lithuanian Ambassador to the United States Audra Plepite said that the biggest threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country comes from Belarus, not from Russia. According to her, Minsk purposefully destabilizes the socio-political situation in Lithuania through hybrid attacks.

At the end of May, the EU countries began to report on the brewing migration crisis. Large groups of migrants from the Middle East and Africa began to enter the territory of Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland from Belarus. European countries have blamed Minsk for what is happening.

In the US, they said that they continue to consider Nord Stream 2 a bad deal

The United States still considers Nord Stream 2 a bad deal and will continue to oppose the use of the pipeline as a geopolitical project of Russia. This was stated by State Department spokeswoman Jalina Porter during a telephone briefing.

Nord Stream 2 is a gas pipeline consisting of two strands. The length of each of them is 1.2 thousand km. They run from the port of Ust-Luga (Leningrad region) to the German Greifswald. The total capacity of the gas pipeline will be 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. This project is actively opposed by the United States, which previously promoted its liquefied natural gas in the European Union. In addition, the project has other opposing countries, including Ukraine, which is afraid of stopping the transit of Russian gas through its territory.

Earlier, Gazprom announced the completion of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.