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Prince Harry to go on paternity leave

To care for his newborn daughter, British Prince Harry will take a five-month vacation, according to the Mirror.

His wife, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is also going to take a vacation to get closer to the child.

“Harry’s decision is a change in the tradition adopted by many members of the royal family, including his brother Prince William, who took about three weeks off when Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born, and just two days for the third child, Prince Louis,” the article says.

The biographer of Meghan and Harry noted that the couple’s decision “sets an example”.

The publication notes that in the UK, dads can take paid parental leave for up to two weeks. It is also possible to divide 37 weeks of statutory maternity leave between the father and mother.

Earlier it was reported that Harry and Meghan became parents for the second time. The Duchess gave birth to a baby girl at a hospital in Santa Barbara on June 4. The newborn was named Lilibet Diana, after the prince’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and his late mother, Princess Diana. Lilibeth is the eighth in line to the throne.

The Queen congratulated her grandson and his wife, saying she was “delighted with the news.”

Ricky Martin revealed that his affairs with women were real

In the noughties, the Latin American singer, who does not hide his homosexual orientation, met with many women, for which he is often accused of insincerity. According to Martin, he had real feelings for his partners, despite the fact that he is gay.

In 2010, when Ricky Martin came out, many fans of the singer accused him of insincerity, because Martin had relationships with women. The singer decided to put all the dots on the and in an interview with People said that he never cheated on the women he met.

“Sexuality is a complex thing,” says Martin. — It is not divided into black and white, it has many different shades. When I dated women, I was in love with these women. You can’t fake chemistry — and it definitely was. So I didn’t mislead anyone.”

Before coming out, Martin had dated a lot of women. He had affairs with Ines Misan, Adriana Biega, Lilly Melgar, and Gabriela Sabatini. With the Mexican TV presenter Rebecca de Alba, Martin even considered starting a family.

In the interview, the singer also admitted that he regrets that he did not tell about his orientation earlier. In 2000, during an interview with The Mirror, TV presenter Barbara Walters asked Martin to comment on rumors about his orientation, to which he replied: “It’s no one’s business whether I was in bed with a cow, with a broom or with a woman. I’m not going to tell anyone if I’m gay or not.”

“Many people ask me if I would change something if I had the opportunity. Maybe I would have come out during that interview. That would be great because after coming out, I felt just amazing, ” Ricky added.

In 2016, Martin explained that he is attracted to both men and women, but that he is only interested in romantic relationships with men. “I know that I am attracted to both men and women. I am against labels regarding sexual orientation. We are all people with emotional and sexual needs, ” he said. — I’m gay.” I am attracted to men, but I want to enjoy complete sexual freedom. If I feel passion for a woman, I don’t mind spending the night with her.”

In 2018, Martin married Swedish-Syrian artist John Yosef. In the same year, they had a daughter, Lucia Martin-Josef. The singer also raises 12-year-old twin boys Matteo and Valentino, born from a surrogate mother.

Marilyn Manson’s Ex-Girlfriend Sued Him for Rape

The Marilyn Manson scandal is gaining momentum. The former girlfriend of the musician filed a lawsuit against him, accusing him of rape and intentional infliction of emotional harm.

The girl, who wished to remain anonymous, met with the rocker in 2011. She claims that during their relationship, Manson exploited and harassed her. “The defendant tricked the plaintiff into what was originally a consensual romantic relationship. Shortly after, he raped the plaintiff. He also subjected her to degrading acts of sexual exploitation, manipulation, and psychological abuse, “ the complaint says.

According to the victim, she met Manson in February 2011 at a party dedicated to the Grammy Awards. Their romance developed rapidly: within two weeks of meeting, Manson confessed his love for her and gave her the keys to his apartment. “So he wanted to control the plaintiff. If she didn’t respond to Manson’s messages, he would call her and demand to know where she was and with whom. He could call at any time of the day or night, expecting the plaintiff to immediately answer the call, “ the court documents say.

When the victim decided to return the keys to the house to Manson, he threw her on the floor and raped her. According to the girl, he threatened to kill her, saying that he would get away with murder. The documents also say that Manson threatened to kill his other lover, actress Evan Rachel Wood. He told the victim how he once tied Wood to a table and pointed a gun at her, but then showed mercy and changed his mind about killing her.

Recall that Wood was the first to press charges against Manson. In February, the actress said that during their relationship, the musician subjected her to psychological, physical, and sexual violence, as well as threatened her. After Wood, the silence was broken by other women who had negative experiences with Manson. New stories continue to pop up to this day.

So, among the victims was the actress Esme Bianco, known for the TV series “Game of Thrones”. She sued Manson for sexual assault and battery. According to the actress, the musician repeatedly used drugs, force, and threats to force her to have sex. In addition, Manson forced the actress to take medication, as well as depriving her of sleep and food, so that the girl could not physically and mentally resist. When Bianco was unconscious or asleep, Manson could have raped her.

Manson categorically denies the allegations, calling them “ a terrible distortion of reality.” According to him, Esme Bianco decided to go to court only because he ignored her threats and demands to pay her a large sum. The musician’s lawyer said that he is ready for a trial and has no doubts about his victory.

Note that at the moment, Manson is wanted on charges of assault. The musician was charged because of an altercation with a videographer that occurred in 2019. Evidence of the offense was a video in which Manson, approaching the operator, spat directly into the camera lens. At the same time, the video was broadcast on the big screen during a concert on the stage of the Bank of New Hampshire pavilion. According to state laws, such actions can result in a fine of $2 million or a prison sentence of up to one year.

One thing is for sure: the allegations of violence will have serious consequences for Manson’s career. The musician lost roles in the TV series “American Gods “on the cable TV channel Starz and in the show” Kaleidoscope of horrors “ from AMC. In addition, the label Loma Vista Recording, which promoted his latest album, refused to cooperate with Manson.

Irina Shayk has an affair with Kanye West — Media

It seems that Kanye West did not grieve for long after his divorce from Kim Kardashian. According to DeuxMoi, the rapper has been dating Irina Shayk for several weeks. We have no direct evidence of their affair — we have to be content with the words of insiders.

“They are definitely dating,” the first informant said. “I don’t know about relationships and dating, but they definitely have an interest in each other,” said a second insider.

Another indirect proof of the probable romance between Shake and West is that in April, the model was seen wearing a hoodie created by the musician in collaboration with Balenciaga. The sweatshirt depicts rapper DMX, who died on April 9 from a cardiac arrest caused by a drug overdose. In addition, Irina and Kanye have long known each other: in 2010, the model starred in his music video Power.

Recall that Kim and Kanye broke up at the end of last year. The disagreement between the couple began last summer when the rapper said that during the first pregnancy, Kim wanted to have an abortion. His speech and subsequent tweets that Kim was allegedly trying to lock him in a room with a therapist to silence him caused widespread controversy; Kim eventually had to admit that her husband suffered from a bipolar personality disorder. It is rumored that the ex-spouses have not spoken to each other for several months, preferring to resolve all issues through lawyers.

As for Irina, her relationship with Bradley Cooper ended in 2019. They raise their four-year-old daughter Leia together. In an interview, Irina said that she considers Cooper a good father. “Bradley is an amazing father,” Shaik shared. — I’ve never understood the term ‘ co-parenting.’ When I’m with Leia, I’m 100% her mom, when she’s with her dad, he’s 100 % her dad. Co-parenting is just parenting.”

The condition of pregnant Meghan Markle deteriorated sharply

The health of British Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle has deteriorated sharply amid constant conflicts and quarrels with the royal family. According to local media sources, because of this, the couple’s second child may be born prematurely.

Earlier, Meghan said that their daughter is due to be born in June. However, now it has become known that the Duchess of Sussex has already started preparing for the birth. According to The Sun, a baby girl can be born at any moment.

Friends of the Dukes believe that this is because of constant scandals. Conflicts in the royal family have not subsided since Meghan and Harry decided to give up their duties and privileges and moved to the United States.

The couple later gave an interview to TV host Oprah Winfrey, which sparked another wave of criticism and new quarrels at Buckingham Palace. Harry recently admitted that since the age of 20 he began to think about leaving the family.