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Greece punishes North Macedonia for prime minister’s tweet about soccer

Greece postpones ratification of agreements with North Macedonia for the tweet of the North Macedonian Prime Minister about soccer.

The Balkan Observer writes about it.

Commenting on the national team’s performance at the European soccer championship, Zoran Zaev, head of the government of Northern Macedonia, called his country’s national team “Macedonian,” omitting the word “northern.”

Reacting to this news, Greek authorities announced that parliamentary ratifications of three bilateral memorandums of cooperation, scheduled for July, had been postponed until at least September.

Athens called on the North Macedonian prime minister to fully implement the agreements to rename the country in any context, including international sports competitions.

The ratification of the cooperation memoranda has reportedly been postponed so that Zaev “can understand that he has some obligations that he cannot ignore.”

“We demand full implementation of the spirit and letter of the Prespan agreement, and we urge Mr. Zaev to refrain from rhetorical deviations, especially in a matter as delicate as soccer,” said Aristotelia Peloni, a Greek government spokeswoman.

“The faithful implementation of the agreement is one of the criteria for the country’s accession to the European Union,” she said.

As a reminder, in February 2019, Macedonia officially changed its name to North Macedonia at the request of Greece. Skopje agreed to the renaming in exchange for Athens to stop obstructing efforts to join NATO and the European Union.

Earlier, the Greek authorities and the Greek National Football Federation complained to the European Football Association (UEFA) about the emblem on the jersey of North Macedonia.

McAfee antivirus creator found dead

John McAfee, 75, could have been extradited to the US, where he could have been jailed for tax evasion and concealing income.

John McAfee, the creator of the McAfee computer antivirus, was found dead in a Spanish prison where he was being held on U.S. warrants.

This is reported by the Spanish edition of El Diario.

Citing their own sources, journalists write that the body of IT-magnate was found in the prison “Bryans 2”, located in the municipality of Sant Esteve Cesrovires.

No cause of death was given for the 75-year-old McAfee, but on the eve of the tragedy, the National Court of Barcelona approved the man’s extradition to the United States.

“All indications are that the death could have been the result of suicide,” the Ministry of Justice of the Generalitat de Catalunya said.

U.S. justice sought the man’s extradition on charges of tax evasion and concealment of income in 2016-2018. Investigators estimated that he underpaid the treasury by about 4 million dollars. At home, he faced up to 10 years in prison.

McAfee himself called his prosecution political and claimed to have paid “millions of dollars in taxes.”

John McAfee was arrested in October 2020 while trying to fly from Barcelona airport to Istanbul. He has been in pre-trial detention since then. He told local media that “life in Spanish prisons is like a Hilton compared to the despicable surrealism and dehumanization in American prisons.”

In addition to America, the man was also wanted in Belize for his suspected involvement in the murder of another American, Gregory Fall, who lived next door. They even wanted to make a movie about the eccentric developer, starring Johnny Depp.

Hungarian PM cancels trip to Germany over LGBT scandal

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban canceled a trip to Munich because of the LGBT propaganda scandal. This is written by Deutsche Welle.

Thus, Orban will not get to the match Germany — Hungary, which is scheduled to take place today, June 23.

The scandal began after the Munich authorities asked UEFA for permission to design rainbow lighting at the stadium: thus, the FRG wanted to express disagreement with the position of Budapest on LGBT propaganda.

“In communist Hungary, homosexuals were persecuted. And today, the state not only guarantees them equal rights but even actively protects them, “ the Hungarian prime minister said.

At the same time, the politician added that the Munich authorities cannot make decisions that relate to football matches on their own.

The authorities of the German city reacted to the law approved by the Hungarian parliament in mid-June. According to it, LGBT propaganda will be banned in schools and in educational programs for children. At the same time, UEFA banned Munich from making rainbow lighting. The Sports Association justified this by saying that it could not authorize a political action.

Europe shamed for “dirty” cattle

European countries have been shamed for little progress in “clean” agriculture. The harm from greenhouse gases from cattle farms and from fertilizers in the fields over the past decade has remained unchanged, despite major environmental programs of the European Union, writes Bloomberg.

A report from the EU’s financial watchdog shows that methane emissions, which trap 80 times more heat in the air than carbon dioxide, from farms in Europe, have not decreased since 2010. From 2014 to 2020, the EU countries allocated a quarter of the budget of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to efforts to combat climate change — more than 100 billion euros ($119 billion).

According to the conclusion of the European Chamber of Auditors, the industry did not have enough funding for a noticeable environmental result. Under the CAP, another 387 billion euros ($460 billion) will be allocated to green initiatives until 2027. The funds will be used to encourage farmers to do business with less harm to nature. Emissions from animal husbandry account for about half of the total damage to nature from agriculture. The negative impact on the environment from chemical fertilizers and manure increased from 2010 to 2018.

Animal husbandry is considered one of the main sources of greenhouse gases in the world. To reduce environmental damage, countries in Europe and the United States are rapidly switching to a plant-based alternative to meat. Measures are also being taken to improve the forms. In early June, food giant Cargill announced the sale of special muzzles for cows that capture methane when breathing and burping cattle.

Merkel criticized Portugal, which takes the British on vacation

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has criticized Portugal for allowing British tourists to enter despite the more contagious Delta coronavirus strain actively circulating in the UK.

This is reported by Politico.

“I regret that we have not yet been able to achieve uniform behavior among member countries regarding travel restrictions. This has unpleasant consequences, “ Merkel said at a joint press conference in Berlin with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

The EU is “retreating” from its goal of establishing consistent travel rules, she said, as countries take different approaches to the surge of the new strain in the UK.

“We now have a situation in Portugal that could possibly have been avoided, and so we have to work even harder on this. We have made good progress in recent months, but we are not yet where I would like the European Union to be, “ the Chancellor said.

The number of coronavirus infections in Portugal has soared in recent weeks, from fewer than 500 reported cases per day in May to more than 1,000 recently.

The Delta strain, first discovered in India, is responsible for more than 60% of infections in Lisbon and the Tagus Valley region, according to local authorities. On Friday, the government imposed a weekend travel ban on the capital to stop its spread.

The rise in infections comes about a month after Portugal, which currently holds the EU presidency, opened up to British tourists, although other countries such as Germany and France have imposed strict travel bans on the UK.

The EU has yet to add the UK to its list of countries deemed safe enough to lift entry bans. The list, however, is not mandatory for EU countries.