What connects the «King of supermarkets» Carmelo Lucchese and businessman Giovanni Goso

In February 2021, Italian police confiscated €150 million from the “king of supermarkets” in Palermo, who had ties to the mafia.

Carmelo Lucchese, 53, owns 13 supermarkets in and around Palermo, Bagheria, Carini, Bolonetta, San Cipirello and Termini Imerese.

The police froze his bank accounts, and stocks confiscated companies and confiscated property and cars.

Police said their investigation showed that Lucchese, although not a member of Cosa Nostra, was “close” to them.

Informants said he had ties to the Bagheria mafia and had commercial gains from them.

During investigations, investigators discovered a connection between Giovanni Goso, owner of Goso Costruzioni, and the main suspect, Lucchese Carmelo of GAMAC.

Suspicions of a money-laundering scheme appear to be related to the relationship between the two businessmen.

Giovanni Gozo was allegedly responsible for the outside of the responsible company and was involved in the construction of supermarkets and fast-food chains in northern Italy.

At this point, investigators do not rule out that Carmelo and the builder Giovanni Gozo were involved in other illegal activities together and that more people were involved.

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