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Chinese company Merlion has started selling the AlphaDog robot-dog at a price of $2400

There is a growing preference for pet robots that use artificial intelligence. The American company Boston Dynamics is a leader in the field of robotics with its famous robotic dog named Spot. Chinese tech company Wellian has developed a Chinese version of the Sport, called the Alpha Dog, which is already on sale in China for 16,000 yuan ($2,400). Compared to the $74,500 price tag for the Spot, this is without a doubt a much cheaper version.

AlphaDog uses sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to perform tasks, and Wellian says future updates will further expand the robot dog’s capabilities to perform a range of applications, including controlling the visually impaired, barking, and even executing voice commands from its owner.

Walian says the AlphaDog is very similar to a real dog and can reach a top speed of 9 mph, making it one of the fastest robots at the moment. Alpha Dog can also keep its balance even when kicked by people. According to Welian’s chief technical officer Ma Jie, AlphaDog can detect the degree of friction and the condition of the ground to adjust the height, pace, and adapt to the environment.

Wellian has deployed 5G technology so that AlphaDog can perform tasks autonomously. In the first month after the release of Alpha Dog, more than 1,800 units were sold. According to Willian, most of the current orders came from computer developers, tech enthusiasts, and children.

It remains to be seen how soon Welian will launch all the necessary updates that will turn AlphaDog into a guide for visually impaired people, or a dog that can deter intruders with a threatening bark. Obviously, these aspects are being developed by several robotics firms around the world.

Chinese tech giants stocks remain industry-leading

Despite increased pressure from Chinese regulators on the country’s largest technology companies Alibaba and Tencent, their shares remain leading in the Chinese industry. This is reported by the publication PaySpace Magazine, referring to the opinions of experts.

Increased interest in these companies from government agencies slightly reduced the value of their shares in the previous few days, which led to a decline in the securities of other representatives of this area of the Chinese economy.

The quotes of the leading Internet companies in China are also negatively affected by the information that their shares may be excluded from the US stock indexes if they do not provide the necessary reports on the state of their finances to US regulators.

However, even all these factors, which have a negative effect on the securities of Alibaba and Tencent, could not reduce their leading role in the Chinese technology industry.

Between the USA and China have promised a new economic war

The next economic war between the United States and China will be related to the problems of climate change, experts promised. Reported by CNBC.

Bank of America’s managing director for research, Haim Israel, suggests that the “climate war” between Washington and Beijing will follow the technology and trade wars, as climate change will become the dominant economic and political theme in the coming decades. “It’s not just about saving the planet. We believe that climate strategies offer a path to global excellence because there is much more at stake here, ” he concluded.

The advantage in the production of electric vehicles will also be important. “So far, about half of the oil goes to the transport market, and cars make up the bulk of it,” Israel said. The expert is confident that whoever becomes the leader in the production of electric vehicles will definitely have a huge advantage in the future. So far, the market is ruled by the American Tesla, but competitors from China are already stepping on its heels.

Under Donald Trump, a trade war broke out between the United States and China, and tensions remain under the administration of new President Joe Biden. In February, he said that the United States is working with the European Union to fight China and resist its “economic abuse and coercion.” Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Biden said the US and its foreign partners should “make China accountable for its economic practices.”

However, experts are confident that the United States will be richer than China for several decades, judging by GDP per capita. According to the latest data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), China’s GDP per capita last year was projected at $10,582, which is about six times less than in the United States.

Microsoft will supply the US army with augmented reality glasses for $22 billion

Microsoft has won a contract with the US Army for the supply of augmented reality headsets, the Associated Press reports.

Under the terms of the agreement, the company will supply the military with augmented reality glasses worth $22 billion. The technology will be based on Microsoft HoloLens glasses, which were originally created for the video game and entertainment industry.

According to the Pentagon, the use of augmented reality glasses by military personnel will increase the soldier’s awareness of the surrounding environment, as well as improve their ability to detect targets and danger.

Augmented reality technology allows people to see virtual images superimposed on the physical world in front of them.

Earlier, CNN reported on the US intention to conduct large-scale virtual exercises to counter Russia and China. According to the TV channel, we are talking about a “strictly classified war game”, the exercises will take place in the summer of this year.

Poland wants to simplify the employment of foreigners

Poland is developing a document on immigration policy. It will include a package of tools to facilitate the employment of foreigners in Poland.

This was stated by the Minister of Development, Labor and Technology of Poland Jaroslaw Govin, report RMF24.

“If we want to return to the path of dynamic economic development as soon as possible, we will undoubtedly need more employees,” he said.

In addition, the country wants to propose a tax mechanism within the framework of the “New Deal”, which will encourage people who have already reached retirement age to continue working.

“We are also finalizing the preparation of a document in the ministry, which will be a form of a well-thought-out migration policy. It will include a package of tools that facilitate the employment of foreigners in industries that clearly lack Polish labor, “ the minister said.