COVID-19 patients occupy 85% of intensive care beds in France

COVID-19 patients occupy 85% of intensive care beds in France

The authorities say that without quarantine, the epidemic situation with coronavirus in the country would be much worse.

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In France, more than 4 thousand patients with coronavirus are treated in intensive care hospitals — this is 85% of the total number of beds. This was announced by the French Minister of Health Olivier Veran on Twitter on Friday, November 6.

“What would be the situation if we did not decide to reintroduce quarantine? The answer is simple: the situation would be catastrophic when more than 9 thousand patients with COVID-19 were in intensive care in mid-November,” Veran wrote.

In turn, the Director-General for Healthcare of the Ministry of Health, Jerome Salomon, added that every fourth patient who enters intensive care does not survive.

“The situation is getting worse every day,” Salomon said.

The minister summed up that 90 out of 100 people who test positive for coronavirus do not have symptoms of COVID-19. Moreover, in 2% of patients, the disease is especially difficult.

Recall that France will send some of the patients with coronavirus to Germany. Over the next 10 days, patients from the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region will be transported to Germany.

It was also reported that quarantine will be weakened for the New Year holidays in France. The MPs agreed to continue the strict quarantine regime only until December 14, so as not to affect the Christmas holidays and preparations for them.

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