In Germany, hundreds of people received expired vaccines

In Germany, hundreds of people received expired vaccines

The authorities of the country do not expect any negative consequences for those vaccinated with the expired vaccine.

German residents were injected with an expired coronavirus Moderna vaccine. A total of 840 people received such injections. About this on Friday, September 17, reports Bild.

The incident occurred in the three cities of Sindelfingen, Reutlingen, and Esslingen, which are located in the region of Baden-Wurttemberg. In the first “procrastination” was applied from August 8 to September 14, and in the other two — from September 9.

According to preliminary information, the reason was incorrect labeling on the drug package. The indicated expiration date was longer than allowed by sanitary standards — three months instead of 30 days.

At the same time, local doctors stated that they saw no reason to worry. It is noted that the storage of the medication was not violated — it was “kept in the refrigerator all the time.

A representative of the Sindelfingen vaccine center has already assured that there is no data indicating that longer storage affects the effectiveness of the drug.

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