A racist law may be passed in Britain

A racist law may be passed in Britain

The UK Parliament plans to consider a draft law that provides the police with the authority to “detain and search people with a history of offenses without good reason”.

In addition, the Ministry of Great Britain proposes to introduce criminal responsibility for “living in the territory without permission”. One of the initiators is Priti Patel, the daughter of Hindu immigrants from Uganda.

The publication notes that the Home Office admitted that the innovation can be called “indirect discrimination of black and ethnic population groups leading a nomadic lifestyle”. At the same time, according to representatives of the department, the law can bring a positive effect, which will surpass the likely negative consequences and help prevent crime.

Once the bill is introduced, law enforcement officials will be able to “subject alleged violators to detention and search in the event of a threat of serious violence” without “good cause” (which is required now).

In the documentation of the innovation, the UK Home Office noted that the new rules would “disproportionately affect” the black population.

Earlier it became known that the government of Great Britain intends to revise the existing norms of processing of personal information of citizens in the country.

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