Ex-Prime Minister of Italy received an envelope with cartridge cases

The former head of the Italian government, Matteo Renzi, received an envelope with two rounds of firearms on Wednesday, March 3.

It is reported by La Repubblica.

The envelope was sent directly to the Senate, of which Renzi is a member. According to sources, there were no written messages in it.

All parties, from the far-right League to the 5-Star Movement, including Forza Italia and the Democratic Party, have expressed their solidarity with the former Prime Minister (2014-2016).

Politicians denounced the hate atmosphere around Renzi.

Matteo Renzi, who sparked a political crisis in January by undermining the coalition of then-head of government Giuseppe Conte, who was forced to resign, is now unpopular in Italy.

In a late February poll by Ipsos for the main Italian daily Corriere Della Sera, Health Minister Roberto Speranza ranks first in the list of 12 politicians with 40% positive ratings and last Matteo Renzi with only 12% positive opinions.

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