DPRK hackers tried to gain access to the AstraZeneca vaccine

Hackers, probably from North Korea, carried out a cyberattack against the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca, which is developing a vaccine against the coronavirus in collaboration with Oxford University.

It is reported by Reuters with reference to its sources.

According to the agency, hackers posing as representatives of other companies, through the business social network LinkedIn, tried to contact AstraZeneca employees and allegedly offer them a new job.

They sent AstraZeneca workers a document describing their professional responsibilities at the new workplace, which contained “malicious code to access the interlocutor’s computer.”

As noted by Reuters, a number of accounts that were used in the attempt to hack AstraZeneca systems were registered with Russian email addresses, apparently in order to mislead law enforcement officials who will investigate the cyber attack.

Earlier it was reported that hackers from the DPRK tried to attack drug manufacturers in South Korea to prevent the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus.

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