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Canada receives the first batch of COVID-19 vaccine under the COVAX program

Canada has received the first batch of new types of coronavirus vaccines under the international COVAX mechanism. This is reported by the CBC.

General Denis Fortini, who is responsible for sorting and distributing CAVID-19 vaccines, said that a total of 317,000 doses of the Anglo-Swedish drug AstraZeneca were delivered to the country.

According to him, the received batch was produced at an enterprise in South Korea. At the same time, he added that Canada should still receive 1.6 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine by the end of June.

In total, more than 10.2 million doses of COVID-19 drugs were delivered to Canada during the pandemic.

On December 31, 2019, the Chinese authorities announced an outbreak of pneumonia in the city of Wuhan. The causative agent of the disease is a new type of coronavirus, which has been officially named COVID-19. On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of the new coronavirus a pandemic.

Scandal: Czech Deputy Prime Minister called Russia to build nuclear power plants

The opposition demands to dismiss the Minister of Industry Karel Havlicek for ignoring the demands of the special services

Five opposition parties in the Czech parliament are calling for the removal of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry, Trade, and Transport Karel Havlicek, who invited Russia to participate in the construction of a new unit of the Dukovany nuclear power plant.

This was reported on April 1 by iDnes.

The parties “Pirates”, TOP 09, “Measures and Independence”, the Civil Democratic Party, and the Christian Democratic Union-Czechoslovak People’s Party recalled that for national security purposes, the Czech intelligence service demanded that China and Russia be excluded from the tender.

However, the Russian energy giant Rosatom was among the four potential partners of the nuclear program, along with EDF (France), Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (South Korea), and Westinghouse Electric (USA-Japan).

“Minister Havlicek bypassed the government, bypassed the agreement that was in the hall of the Chamber of Deputies, and invited Russia to the so–called security review,” said the leader of the “Pirates” Ivan Bartos.

He also recalled the scandal with the dismissal of the government commissioner for atomic Energy Yaroslav Mila, who opposed the participation of Rosatom in the program.

In turn, the chairman of the Civic Democratic Party, Petr Fiala, called Russia’s admission to the project “an extremely dangerous and short-sighted step”, as well as” games with national security and the future “ of the country. He also recalled that the Kremlin is trying to strengthen its position in Central Europe in every possible way.

Earlier, another scandal broke out in the Czech Republic-President Milos Zeman demanded to dismiss ministers who oppose the simplified legalization of the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus “Sputnik V”. The opposition called him an imbecile for this.

South Korea to buy coronavirus vaccines for 44 million people

The ordered doses of vaccines will be enough to inoculate 88% of the country’s population

The South Korean authorities will buy vaccines against coronavirus for 44 million people.

Reported by Yonhap.

South Korea has reportedly pre-ordered 64 million doses of vaccines for 34 million people from four companies:

AstraZeneca Inc.;
Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen;

In addition, the vaccine for 10 million people will be purchased as part of COVAX, a global vaccination project of the World Health Organization.

Pre-ordered doses of vaccines will be enough to inoculate 88 percent of the country’s population. They will be delivered to South Korea in February.

However, the country’s Ministry of Health has not yet decided when to start a vaccination program for the population.

As you know, on December 8, vaccination of the population against coronavirus began in the UK. The first vaccination was made by a 90-year-old British woman.

South Korea skyscraper fire victims rise to 88

According to Yonhap news agency, as a result of a fire that broke out on Friday night in a skyscraper in the South Korean city of Ulsan, 88 people were injured.

“As a result of a fire in a 33-story residential building with commercial premises in the city of Ulsan, 88 victims were taken to hospital with minor injuries and smoke poisoning,” the statement said.

Seoul authorities to ban all street events on October 9

A ban on all street activities on October 9, Hangul Korean Writing Day, was announced by the authorities in Seoul, KBS news portal reported on October 5.

According to the portal, the decision on additional restrictions was made in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Restrictions affected public events with the participation of ten or more people. Seoul already has a negative experience of the surge in coronavirus infections after the mass events on August 15.

According to a Seoul administration official, the ban will last until October 11. A total of 52 rallies with 10 or more participants were canceled. He also said that on October 3, the Founding Day of the Korean Nation, the Gwanghwamun Square area was closed by the police, and the nearest subway stations were closed for passengers.