China has been named the main threat to US naval dominance

In a new report by the US Navy, China has named the main threat to the global dominance of the US Navy, writes Newsweek.

The document singles out Russia and China as the main competitors, but it is Beijing, not Moscow, that is described as the greatest cause for concern. “We prioritize competing with China because of its growing economic and military power, growing aggressiveness and a demonstrated intent to dominate our regional waters and transform the international order to our advantage,” the report says.

It is also noted that the Chinese Communist Party is investing heavily in modernizing its technology and equipping it with advanced systems. Beijing’s arms spending is estimated at $261 billion. This amount is inferior to the American $686 billion, but Washington considers China’s goal to end US dominance in Asia.

Earlier, the director of US National Intelligence John Ratcliffe compared the threat to the US from Russia and China. In his opinion, in this issue, Moscow cannot compete with Beijing, since the Chinese economy is the second in the world, while the Russian economy is not even included in the top ten.

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