Biden announced the end of the era of war

Biden announced the end of the era of war

During the UN General Assembly session, US President Joe Biden announced the end of the “era of wars” and the beginning of an era of “relentless diplomacy.”

The US military force, according to the American leader, should become the last resort in the arsenal of the state and should not be used to solve every problem in the world. In addition, as Biden stressed, Washington is not seeking a new Cold War.

The American president’s speech was announced the day before. Then a source familiar with the text of Biden’s statement reported that the head of state would talk about the end of the 20-year period of the war in Afghanistan. The source predicted and the president’s words about the Cold War.

The UNGA debate began on September 21 and will end on September 27. The meeting of high-ranking statesmen is taking place at the headquarters of the association in New York. About 110 heads of state, more than 50 heads of government, and over 20 foreign ministers are expected to speak there.

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