You can forget about photos: Instagram will not be the same

You can forget about photos: Instagram will not be the same

Instagram will no longer be a photo hosting service, as it was originally intended, said the head of the platform, Adam Mosseri. According to him, it’s time for people to stop thinking about square photos as a business card of the service — now it will rely on entertainment videos to compete on an equal footing with TikTok and YouTube.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said on his Twitter account that Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing application, The Verge portal reports.

Mosseri said that the company is now focused on promoting entertainment video content to compete with TikTok and YouTube.

“At Instagram, we always try to create new features that will help you get as many positive impressions as possible from using the platform. Now we are focused on the development of four key areas: bloggers, videos, in-service purchases, and messaging, “ the head of the social network writes.

Mosseri also spoke about the future innovations that are expected by Instagram users. For example, a selection of recommendations on topics that the user was not previously interested in will appear.

The development team is also working on creating a full-screen video viewing mode that will immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of what is happening.

The message of the statement of the head of Instagram is simple: the management of the platform no longer wants it to be associated only with a photo-sharing application. Slowly but surely, the social network is turning into an entertainment service similar to TikTok.

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