Violence over caricatures cannot be justified - Macron

Violence over caricatures cannot be justified — Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron is sympathetic to Muslim anger over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, but violence over caricatures cannot be justified.

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The French leader himself spoke about this in an interview with the Qatari TV channel Al Jazeera.

“I understand that cartoons can shock people, but I will never allow violence to be justified,” he said.

The French leader clarified that he considers it his duty to protect the freedom and rights of citizens.

On October 30, tens of thousands of Muslims took to the streets of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Palestine, and Lebanon to protest against Macron’s policies. The scandal arose against the backdrop of the murder of history teacher Samuel Pati near Paris due to the fact that he showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in his lessons.

There was an earlier attack on a church in Nice. The attacks came amid criticism surrounding French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to allow the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo to publish a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad.

French President Emmanuel Macron called it an “Islamic terrorist attack” and said the country was in danger. Because of the attack, a maximum level of the terrorist threat was declared in the country, and up to 7,000 troops will be taken out into the streets to maintain security.

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