US Secretary of State visited a settlement in the West Bank for the first time

Mike Pompeo became the first US Secretary of State to visit a settlement in the West Bank. He also plans to go to the Golan Heights for the first time.

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday, November 19, during his visit to Israel, visited a settlement in the West Bank of Jordan. He became the first Secretary of State to visit a Jewish settlement outside Israel’s internationally recognized borders, in territory claimed by the Palestinians.

Pompeo visited a winery in the settlement of Psagot, where wine, in particular, is produced, named after the Secretary of State — Pompeo.

Residents of Palestine staged a protest against the visit of the Secretary of State. According to a representative of the Palestinian Authority, this is a “dangerous precedent.”

After Mike Pompeo is expected to travel to the Golan Heights. This will also be the first visit of the US Secretary of State to this territory.

Prior to that, it became known that Pompeo entered into a skirmish with the Iranian leader over the US elections. Iran’s supreme leader wrote that what is happening in the US elections shows “the ugly face of liberal democracy.”

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