The scandal with models in Dubai. How did it all end?

Models from Ukraine, who disgraced themselves after a nude photo session in one of the hotels in Arab Dubai, will be deported from the country. However, they will not be able to leave the country all at once.

After the scandal with the photoshoot in Dubai, the personalities of 12 Ukrainian models were quickly established on social networks. One of them was identified by a tattoo on her leg. This is 27-year-old Yana Graboschuk. The girl is a lawyer by training, but she did not work by profession, but was engaged in a fashionable job as a hostess — she met guests in one of the trendy Kyiv restaurants.

A year ago, Graboshchuk tried herself as a model and her social media accounts were filled with spicy pictures. The photo showed elite pools, hotels, sports cars, and incendiary parties. Thanks to her photographs in Dubai, almost all the participants in the nude photo session were identified.

Why was the photo session organized?

There is a version that the girls starred in an advertisement for an adult site. Vitaly Grechin allegedly became the organizer. He is a US citizen, served in the US Army, but has lived in Kyiv in recent years. A month and a half ago Grechin celebrated his birthday on a grand scale in Bukovel. In all the photos, Gretchen appears with half-naked girls.

Another person involved in the photoshoot is considered to be the owner of the modeling business, Stefan Clavel, but he denies any involvement.

“I don’t know all the girls. But a few of them are my friends. We traveled together, played sports, celebrated my birthday. They are not from an escort service! Those I know are not usually photographed naked at all! They asked, I don’t want to go to Dubai with them. But I had business in Kyiv, “the businessman said.

What will happen to the participants in the scandalous photo session?

Vitaly Grechin is allegedly in an Arab prison and faces up to one and a half years in prison. Model girls under Sharia law were threatened with up to six months in prison, but the Ukrainian women got off with a slight fright — they would simply be deported. However, not everyone will be able to fly from the UAE in the coming days — one of the girls contracted the coronavirus and will leave the country only after recovering.

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