The Netherlands has the largest spike in coronavirus infections since December

The Netherlands has the largest spike in coronavirus infections since December

More than 10,000 coronavirus infections have been recorded in the Netherlands in the last 24 hours — several thousand more than the day before, and the most since December 2020.

This is reported by the NOS.

The increase in infections in the country has skyrocketed in just four days. As early as July 6, rates exceeded 2,000 cases per day for the first time since the beginning of summer; on July 7, there were already more than 3,600 infections, and on Friday, July 9, the rate approached 7,000.

Saturday reported 10,345 infections per day — 3,390 more than Friday’s figure. The last time such a high increase was recorded on December 25, and it was one of the eleven highest rates of the entire epidemic.

Only one coronavirus patient died in a day. On average, one death was recorded during the past week, while the previous week had an average of two. Hospital occupancy rates were almost unchanged compared to previous days.

Recall that due to a new upsurge of infections, the government has again banned nightclubs and discos since July 10, two weeks after they were allowed to open after the lockdown.

As of July 9, more than 79 percent of adults in the Netherlands had been vaccinated with at least the first dose, and nearly 48 percent of the population had completed their vaccinations, according to data the country reports to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

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