The German Bundeswehr has created a space command

The German Bundeswehr has created a space command

The German Bundeswehr on Tuesday launched a space command whose tasks will be to monitor satellites, track dangerous space debris and analyze the activities of other countries.

This was reported by the AP news agency.

Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer launched the new command during a visit to a base in Udema in western Germany.

She stressed that the military is “responding to the growing importance of space to our nation’s ability to function, the prosperity of our population, and the growing dependence of the armed forces on space data, services, and products.”

Crump-Carrenbauer noted that the term “space command” might evoke associations with Jules Verne novels or the Starship Enterprise, however, she said, the reality is “far from such sensationalism.”

The Bundeswehr has six satellites in orbit. The minister noted that space operations for Germany are “always defensive operations” — for example, to make sure there are no threats to infrastructure.

The United States already has a space command whose role is to conduct operations such as providing satellite navigation and communications between troops and warning of missile launches.

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