Switzerland has tightened entry requirements for travelers

Switzerland has tightened entry requirements for travelers

Travelers entering Switzerland who has not been vaccinated against COVID-19 or have not been exposed to the virus will be required to submit a negative test result starting Monday.

This was reported by Reuters.

“Infection is declining but remains at a high level — too high,” Health Minister Alain Berset said, adding that intensive care units in Swiss hospitals remain very busy.

The number of infections and hospitalizations has risen sharply since the summer break, he said, and many of those in intensive care have returned from abroad. “Now we’re planning a fall vacation,” Berseth said, referring to a two-week vacation in October.

All travelers, regardless of vaccination status, will also have to fill out a form, while those who present a PCR test at entry will have to take a second test four to seven days after entry.

Switzerland this week introduced a new requirement for people to show a COVID certificate to enter bars, restaurants, and other enclosed areas and events to relieve pressure on hospitals fighting the fourth wave of infections.

There have been 823,000 infections and more than 10,000 deaths in Switzerland since the pandemic began, with 2,095 new infections and eight deaths reported Friday.

So far, 61% of Swiss people have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

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