Switzerland did not support the termination of the agreement with the EU

Almost two-thirds of Swiss voters in a referendum opposed the abolition of the agreement with the EU on the free movement of people.

In a referendum in Switzerland, people voted against breaking the agreement with the EU on the free movement of people.

Specifically, 38% of voters voted for the agreement to be annulled, while 62% voted against it.

The EU welcomed the results of the vote.

It should be noted that the referendum was held on the proposal of the right-wing Swiss People’s Party, which is part of the ruling coalition. It believes that the agreement, in force since 1999, deprives the Swiss authorities of control over migration.

Under the current rules, EU citizens have the right to live and work freely in Switzerland — and vice versa. Switzerland also joined the Schengen area in 2008, which provides for the abolition of border controls with EU countries.

It should be noted that now more than one million citizens of EU countries permanently live in the country, and about 450 thousand Swiss live in the European Union.

We would like to remind you that earlier a new system of migration and asylum was introduced to the EU. The document regulates the reception of people at the border, distribution of responsibilities among EU countries, and cooperation with countries from which refugees mainly come.

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