Slovakia plans record-high defense spending

Slovakia plans record-high defense spending

The Slovak government has approved the purchase of 152 tracked and 76 wheeled armored fighting vehicles, which will be the largest military purchase in the country’s history.

This is reported by Euractiv.

The approximate price of armored vehicles is more than 2 billion euros. According to Defense Minister Jaroslav Nadia, the government wants “to support the military, which clearly really needs equipment at the level of modern armies.

The reasons for the purchase are the poor condition of the existing equipment, as well as the requirements for the operating army, formulated by NATO. Slovakia has made several commitments to modernization.

According to Nagy, the vehicles the ministry wants to purchase are among the key weapons of the allied ground forces.

By the end of September, the government wants to contact manufacturers asking for specific proposals. Proposals are then expected within six to nine months.

The ministry will also submit a feasibility study and ask the government for permission to negotiate the contract.

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