Serbia refuses to support sanctions against Russia

Serbia refuses to support sanctions against Russia

Serbia will not support Western sanctions against Russia as long as the country’s president is Aleksandar Vucic. This was announced by the head of state himself in a conversation with journalists. His words are quoted by the Tanyug news agency.

Earlier, Vucic explained that official Belgrade is ready to coordinate its foreign policy with the European Union but subject to certain exceptions. Earlier, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrel, said that the EU calls on Serbia to support the union on various issues, including the introduction of restrictive measures.

Media representatives asked the Serbian leader whether the state would support individual sanctions against Russian citizens. He said no. As the politician stressed, Serbia has never taken part in such political actions.

This would not be a friendly step towards our friends from Russia and China. As long as I am the president of Serbia, there will be no sanctions imposed by the Russian Federation and China. I say this in every place because only a sincere and clear policy can lead Serbia into the future, ” he added Vucic.

In March 2021, relations between the United States and Russia deteriorated sharply due to the fact that the US president allowed himself to make a sharp statement about Vladimir Putin. In particular, he called him a “murderer”. He said this in an interview with ABC News. The US president also answered the journalist’s question about the price the Russian leader will pay for his actions. He stated that “you will soon know what price he will pay.”

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Russian authorities have a certain list of instructions and criteria for determining countries that are unfriendly to the Russian Federation. The Minister noted that the full list of these states will be announced soon.

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