Poland claims that it presented evidence of cyber attacks from Russia at the EU summit

Poland claims that it presented evidence of cyber attacks from Russia at the EU summit

The Polish authorities have evidence of cyber attacks committed by Russia. This statement was made on Friday by the Prime Minister of the Republic Mateusz Morawiecki upon arrival at the EU summit meeting, which is continuing for the second day.

“The EU Summit strongly condemned various kinds of hacker attacks against European countries. Poland and Ireland were mentioned — states that have been attacked recently. I have stressed several times during meetings and negotiations that the attacks from the territory of the Russian Federation should stop immediately, that we have evidence that, unfortunately, these are attacks whose purpose is to lead to destabilization, disinformation, and weakening of the entire EU. This is clear to all EU countries, “ he said.

On June 22, the Polish authorities put forward a version according to which the hacker attacks that took place two weeks ago in the republic could allegedly be connected with the activities of Russian special services. The Internal Security Agency and the Polish Military Counterintelligence Service found out that the list of targets of the social engineering attack carried out by the UNC1151 group included at least 4,350 email addresses belonging to Polish citizens or registered on Polish postal services.

The list of hacked addresses includes more than 100 accounts used by persons performing state functions — members of the former and current governments, deputies, senators, representatives of local authorities.

Western countries have repeatedly made allegations that Russia is involved in the various cyberattacks, including against US government agencies and companies. The Russian side has consistently denied these accusations.

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