Merkel to take away powers from regional heads to fight COVID-19

The German Chancellor has clashed with the prime ministers of the states over restrictions on the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, as some of them have not provided the measures agreed with her.

The coalition under the leadership of German Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to transfer to the government the right to impose restrictions due to the COVID-19 coronavirus throughout the country. About this on Saturday, April 10, writes Bloomberg.

It is reported that the Chancellor’s administration has developed a bill that will deprive the heads of 16 federal states of the ability to tighten or relax coronavirus restrictions. So far, the authorities of each German region can make such decisions independently. The government will be given the right to impose restrictions due to COVID-19 throughout the country.

The document, which was reviewed by the agency, says that Merkel plans to impose a curfew from 21.00 to 05.00 in those regions where the incidence rate over the past seven days will exceed 100 cases per 100 thousand people for three consecutive days. Non-food stores located in these lands will have to close, and companies will be required to test employees for coronavirus twice a week. In those regions where the incidence exceeds 200 cases per 100 thousand people, schools will also be closed.

“The biggest obstacle to this proposal is likely to be a vote in the upper house, where the governments of the states are represented, and Merkel’s ruling coalition, led by the Christian Democratic Union, does not have a majority,” the publication says.

Recall that the residents of Germany, who received vaccination against coronavirus, will soon be able to regain their rights and freedoms.

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