Kabul International Airport officially reopened — media

Kabul International Airport officially reopened — media

The airport is open and fully ready for both domestic and international flights. It was restored by Qatari and Turkish specialists.

In Afghanistan, the capital’s international airport was officially declared open for domestic and international flights on Monday, September 20. This is reported by the Khaama Press agency with reference to the civil aviation department of the country.

The runway and terminals of the airport in Kabul were damaged after a series of bombings on August 26 and the chaos created after the Taliban seized power in the country and tens of thousands of people tried to evacuate. It is noted that the airport was damaged in the amount of 20 million dollars.

Technical specialists from Qatar and Turkey helped to restore the Kabul airport.

Afghan National Aviation Authority reported that the airport operates 12 hours a day, mostly from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. The administration asked the UAE, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and other countries to resume flights to Kabul, but so far only Pakistan and Iran have agreed to the flights.

Recall that counterfeit visas are being sold en masse in Afghanistan. People buy visas to Pakistan for $350, to Tajikistan for $400, to Uzbekistan for $1,350, and to Turkey for almost $5,000.

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