Journalists caused a stampede at the Geneva summit

Journalists caused a stampede at the Geneva summit

The organizers of the Russian-American summit in Geneva staged a stampede among journalists. There was a “traffic jam” in front of the entrance to the building where the meeting of the Presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin, and Joe Biden, is to take place.

Russian and American journalists tried to enter the building, but the security service and the woman manager could not organize the passage so that there was no crush.

The entrance to the building was immediately blocked, and “the already narrow door slammed shut.”

The organizers tried to divide the journalists into groups, to separate the Russian pool from the foreign pool, to organize the passage of cameramen with cameras, but the crush continued, and the crowd did not decrease.

“All this, moreover, was accompanied, of course, by terrible screams, curses from all sides, as well as female sighs:” I’m about to be trampled! “ And stingy male groans.”

At this time, “two doors down”, the Russian and American leaders were sitting in the hall and waiting for the opening speeches to begin.

It was planned that they would be delivered with a full journalistic quorum, but two videographers and two photographers “managed to break into the room to the presidents.

As a result, Putin and Biden had to start without journalists, after which they retired for a conversation behind closed doors

The journalists spent some time “hanging around by inertia”, and then dispersed.

The summit of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden is taking place in Geneva. In addition to the leaders of the two countries, the meeting at Villa La Grange on the shores of Lake Geneva is attended by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. The Presidents are also accompanied by delegations.

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