Israel has limited air travel

The authorities introduced the measure as part of strengthening the nationwide quarantine due to the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic.

Israel has introduced restrictions on departures from the country as part of increasing quarantine due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The Times of Israel reported this on Friday, September 25.

At the same time, a few hours before the entry into force of the government’s decision, Minister of Transport Miri Regev said that the sky would remain partially open.

At the same time, foreign flights will continue to depart from Ben Gurion Airport, but those who managed to buy a ticket before Friday 14:00 will be able to leave the country. Those who purchased tickets after the restrictions entered into force will no longer be able to fly out of the country.

The minister added that Israelis will be able to return to the country without hindrance.

Recall that in Israel, due to the coronavirus pandemic, a hard lockdown is being introduced. The daily number of new infections in Israel was 6,950, the highest since the start of the pandemic. This forced the government to tighten anti-epidemiological restrictions.

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