Instagram will be testing links in “Stories” for all users

Instagram will be testing links in “Stories” for all users

The social network Instagram will expand the option that allows you to share links in the “Stories” section. Previously, users with more than 10,000 followers on the page could post links, according to The Verge.

Now the links are being tested by a small number of users, the head of Instagram products Vishal Shah specified.

The feature will be that the links will not be opened by swiping up but through a “sticker”. These stickers will work the same way as the links for scrolling up, the only difference will be the gesture.

At the same time, those registered on the social network as before will be able to respond to the “Stories” in which the new sticker will be displayed.

Shah pointed out that Instagram will pay attention to the content it posts, including “spam” and “misinformation.”

He stressed that the new feature will only be in Stories, there are no plans to expand it to other sections of the app.

Earlier in Instagram appeared the possibility to publish photos from a computer. To upload a photo or video from a computer, you should click on the “+” icon, which is located in the upper right corner.

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