In Slovakia, the population was massively tested for coronavirus

In Slovakia, the population was massively tested for coronavirus, positive — 1%

In Slovakia, over three million people were tested for coronavirus over the weekend.

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This is reported by the Slovak edition of Pravda.

On Saturday 2,581,113 tests were carried out in Slovakia, of which 25,850 were positive, that is, approximately 1%.

As noted, testing points across Slovakia began to burst at the seams on Saturday before the opening. On Sunday, on the contrary, it was empty.

In total, according to the Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovic, more than 3 million people were tested in two days.

The exact number of people tested will be known later Monday, as the tests were carried out until late Sunday evening.

Prime Minister Igor Matovic first of all thanked the armed forces, which, in his words, “in 17 days were able to organize the largest event that we have seen in the Slovak Republic since its foundation.”

“I’m sorry that we forced you to pass this test. But with this compulsion, we just wanted you to understand that freedom must also be associated with responsibility, with responsibility towards those people who just want to protect their lives and health,” he said Matovich.

He also spoke about three requests to citizens. In particular, those who test positive should remain with their families in a 10-day quarantine; people who test negative should act with caution as if they and everyone around them are positive; the third request is for people who test positive to tell everyone they have come into contact with.

Slovak President Zuzana Chaputova called the universal coronavirus testing successful.

It is worth noting that a person with a negative test result is exempt from the curfew, which is introduced on Monday.

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