In Britain, they started to make gin from sawdust

After the production of cars with ash wood inserts, a lot of shavings remain. They have found a practical use for it.

In the UK, the Piston distillery, together with the automaker Morgan Motor Company, begins making an exclusive gin from sawdust. This is reported on the Morgan website.

Morgan Motor Company produces limited-edition sports cars with ash inlays. For the shavings that remain after the production of cars, they have found practical application.

The composition of gin will include 14 plant components, and wood chips should give the drink “notes of sweet crispy apple and delicate wood.”

The estimated cost of a bottle of sawdust gin is £45 per bottle, and a gift box is £55.

Earlier it was reported that in London it will be forbidden to drink in pubs and restaurants without a snack. Alcoholic beverages will only be served as part of the main course order.

It was also reported that the UAE was allowed to consume alcohol. Now every citizen of the country, as well as a tourist over the age of 21, can consume, store or sell alcoholic beverages.

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