In Amsterdam, a mass party was a held-an experiment on the spread of COVID-19

On Saturday, March 6, the first club dance party in months because of COVID-19 quarantine was held in Amsterdam (Netherlands). In Amsterdam’s largest music hall Ziggo Dome conducted a study on the spread of the coronavirus, which may result in the relaxation of the quarantine in the country.

This is reported by Reuters.

A total of 1,300 people were allowed to participate in the event — at normal times the institution accommodates up to 17,000 people.

Participants were divided into six groups, each of which had to adhere to their own rules of distancing, masking, and freedom of movement — for the movement and contacts at the party were monitored with special badges.

All guests were required to test negative for coronavirus 48 hours before the event, and five days after the party they would be tested again.

Government advisers intend to use the data from the experiment at the club to make decisions about a possible relaxation of the quarantine in the coming months.

“Our hope is that this could lead to the selective reopening of establishments,” one of the organizers shared.

Recall, according to recent research, the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted women, exacerbating inequalities between men and women in almost every aspect of life around the world.

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