“Gray-haired but no wrinkles”: Salma Hayek surprised her selfies

54-year-old actress Salma Hayek ages beautifully and without using “beauty shots”. In addition, the star did not enlarge her lips, did not “remake” her face and cheekbones. In a word, Salma is a fan of naturalness. So, the day before, she published another of her selfies without makeup.

Fans were surprised by the ease with which Hayek shows his gray hair. Also, many noted that Salma really has no wrinkles at all. Such honesty could not but find a response in the hearts of Hayek fans.

“Incredibly beautiful and without filters”, “This is natural beauty”, “Are you 54? This is just unreal! You are amazing both on the outside and inside”, “Salma, you are amazing. I am so glad that you are not shy about gray hair. Way to go!”, “Grey, but no wrinkles. Paradox”, — wrote subscribers in comments under the post.

We only have to assume that the secret lies in the genes of the star.

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