Germany asked Poland to understand the strict rules of entry

The coordinator of the German government for Poland and the Prime Minister of Brandenburg, Dietmar Woidke, asked Warsaw to understand the harsh conditions of entry.

This is reported by Spiegel Online.

“We strive for a balance between health care and practical border traffic regulations. The measures taken are due to the current situation, “ Voidke said after a video conference with the coordinator for Germany from the Polish side, Bartosz Grodecki.

The German Federal Government has classified Poland as a high-incidence area due to a sharp increase in the number of infections.

From March 21, entry from Poland to Germany is allowed only if the test result for coronavirus is negative.

Passengers from Poland complained about the difficulties caused by the obligation to pass the test.

Countries and regions where the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants exceeds 200 in one week are classified as high-incidence areas in Germany.

Earlier, the Czech government called on Germany to review the strict rules of entry into the country, as a result of which this week there were long queues at the border.

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