Dutch government proposes curfew and flight ban

The Dutch government on Wednesday proposed to impose the first nationwide curfew after World War II and ban flights from South Africa and the UK.

Reported by Reuters.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the proposal must first be approved by parliament, which will discuss the strict restrictions this week.

The government-proposed curfew is to be introduced on Friday night and will run from 8:30 pm to 4:30 am.

The flight ban, which Rutte said will also apply to all South American countries, will begin on Saturday.

Schools and non-industrial stores have already been closed since mid-December, following the closure of bars and restaurants two months earlier. The restrictions will be valid until at least February 9th.

The imposition of a curfew for the first time since Germany occupied the Netherlands during World War II is highly controversial, and various political parties have already stated that they will never support it.

Following the government’s announcement, parliamentary debates will take place on Wednesday. However, the curfew can be imposed without the support of opposition parties.

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