COVID-19 vaccine: how to treat doubters?

The more realistic the prospect of a new coronavirus vaccine on the market, the more urgent the question of Europe is how to most effectively use its potential to protect the population — and how to relate to the camp of those who are not sure if they want to be vaccinated. Some commentators urge you not to stand on ceremony with doubters.

The skepticism is understandable

According to The Guardian, the doubts expressed cannot be called unfounded:

“Yes, indeed, large pharmaceutical companies often act completely shamelessly, the authorities do not always make the right decisions to save people’s lives, and medical personnel does not always take justifiable fears seriously. It is also true that vaccines are not always completely safe. In the United States, there have been monstrous cases of white scientists experimenting with vaccines on blacks without their consent, and the country’s health care system is still riddled with racial discrimination. That is why, compared to whites, African Americans are much less likely to speak out in favor of the Covid-19 vaccine — although they are twice as likely to die.“

Request a vaccination certificate!

According to recent polls, only about half of France’s residents are ready to get vaccinated against Covid-19. In this regard, Les Echos sees only one solution to the problem:

“If vaccination is voluntary, then we will also spend Christmas 2021 in lockdown. The health and economic situation require the country to introduce mandatory confirmation of vaccination against Covid-19 — a simple QR code that would allow hospitals and nursing homes to work with risk groups. … A similar ‘certificate’ should be required from each of us if we want to take part in events such as sports competitions, train and plane trips, going to the cinema, to the stadium, to the university — or if we are going to visit relatives in a nursing home. … Otherwise, we will simply miss the chance that science gives us.”

Let’s fulfill our civic duty! addresses the doubters with a clear message:

“We thought that the hustle and bustle of the vaccine queues would be more of a problem, as everyone wants to be first. … And now — lo and behold! — 40 percent of Spaniards suddenly began to doubt what is wrong with this society? According to the government’s plan, doubters will be allowed to watch as hundreds of thousands of elderly and elderly people are vaccinated first. Those, whose efforts the country and society were raised to their feet in the post-war years, will defend themselves with relief and pride and fulfill their civic duty. To be vaccinated or not is not just a personal matter for everyone. … This is also a serious act of humanity, caring for the common good. … So let’s finish what we started: roll up our sleeves, get an injection — in order to hug again!”

Too few questions asked

The speed with which new coronavirus vaccines are now on the market raises a number of questions, says Sozcu:

“In less than a year, a vaccine was developed — and now its sale has begun! … Before that, the development of such medicines lasted at least a dozen years. … And now — all ahead, for vaccination! With the exception of a handful of doubters around the world, few questions the vaccine, and those who dare to voice fear are considered insane. The argument about the so-called “hostility to science” is how criticism of medicine is now suppressed. … But here you need to understand the scale of the economic side of healthcare and medicine.“

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