China poses a serious threat to Canada — intelligence

China poses a serious threat to Canada, as its spies try to steal Canadian developments, and the Chinese government organizes campaigns to intimidate escaped political opponents on Canadian soil.

This was announced on Tuesday by the head of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, David Vigno, reports Reuters.

For example, speaking at an online forum, Vigno said that hostile activities of state actors seeking, among other things, to steal trade secrets and confidential data, “pose a serious threat to the prosperity and sovereignty of Canada,” and he highlighted China.

“The Chinese government … is pursuing a strategy of gaining geopolitical advantage on all fronts — economic, technological, political and military — and uses all elements of state power to carry out actions that pose a direct threat to our national security and sovereignty,” — said the head of the Canadian secret service.

Biopharmaceuticals and healthcare, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, ocean technology, and aerospace are at constant risk from China-sponsored hackers, he said.

Vigno, also said that China is using an operation called “Fox Hunting” (according to Beijing, a search for corrupt officials and leaders who fled abroad with their assets) to regularly threaten and intimidate political opponents in Canada.

We also reported that the UK intelligence services are investigating a likely large-scale data breach that could pose a threat to the kingdom’s national security — 200 scientists are suspected of transmitting information to China.

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