China may attack Taiwan in the coming years

Beijing wants to squeeze and replace Washington on the world stage, says Philip Davidson

US Admiral Philip Davidson believes China could invade Taiwan within the next six years as Beijing intensifies its efforts to weaken the US military in Asia.

This is reported by the AFP agency.

The admiral expressed concern that China is stepping up its ambitions to replace the United States and its leading role in the international order by 2050.

“The Taiwan problem is undoubtedly one of the ambitions that Beijing wants to pursue by this year. I think the threat will emerge during this decade, or rather, over the next six years,” a senior US military official in Asia -Pacific region.

As a reminder, Taiwan seceded from China at the end of the civil war in 1949 and is constantly facing the threat of an invasion by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

In 1979, Washington stopped recognizing Taipei diplomatically in favor of Beijing but remains the island’s most important unofficial and military ally.

Democratic and self-governing Taiwan lives under the constant threat of invasion by authoritarian China, whose leaders view the island nation as part of their territory and promise to one day reclaim Taiwan.

We will remind, in recent days, Washington and Beijing exchanged diplomatic injections. US Secretary of State Tony Blinken called China the main geopolitical challenge of the 21st century.

In response, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared the United States the “greatest threat” to China.

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