Amber Heard threw a party to celebrate the victory over Johnny Depp in court

Amber Heard threw a party to celebrate the victory over Johnny Depp in court

Yesterday, the High Court of London ruled the lawsuit filed by 57-year-old Johnny Depp against British tabloid The Sun. The actor has been suing the publication since 2018 because of one of the publications in which he was publicly called “a man who beats his wife,” which Depp himself considered slanderous. As a result, Depp lost the process: the court ruled that the information from the article about Depp’s systematic domestic violence against his 34-year-old ex-wife Amber Heard was true.

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Amber was the main witness in this case. During the hearing, she spoke about at least 14 episodes from their life with Depp, when she was abused by him. The judge listened to Hurd’s testimony and ruled against Depp.

That is why Amber took the loss of her ex-husband in court against the British tabloid in a sense as her own victory. Yesterday Heard even threw a party for the occasion, to which she invited her close friends. Friends came to visit the actress with small gifts, and one of them symbolically presented Heard with a large festive ball in the form of a bottle of champagne.

It is not known how much time the actress spent at home with friends, celebrating her triumph. The paparazzi managed to photograph Amber already at the exit of the mansion when she said goodbye to her friends: spreading into a satisfied smile, the actress waving her hand to her friends.

By the way, Hurd’s victory can hardly be called final. Yesterday, representatives of the law firm defending Depp’s interests said that they would soon challenge the court’s decision, which they called completely erroneous. Now defenders of the Hollywood actor intend to prove that most of Hurd’s testimony about beatings by the ex-spouse was falsified.

Most worryingly, the judge relied solely on the testimony of Amber Heard and completely ignored counter-evidence from the police, medical practitioners, her personal former assistant, and a host of other pieces of evidence that refute Depp’s allegations step by step. It was all overlooked

— said Depp’s lawyers.

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