34,000 per day: in Poland, the second day in a row — a record of infections

In Poland, the increase in coronavirus infections reached a new high for the second day in a row.

According to RMF24, this is evidenced by the latest data from the Ministry of Health.

On March 25, the Ministry of Health reported 34,151 new infections, 520 patients died. More than 15,000 patients have recovered.

On the eve of the figure, also the largest during the epidemic amounted to almost 30,000 new infections, and 575 people died.

There are more than 27,100 patients in hospitals — 600 more than the day before; 2,600 of them are in intensive care. Since yesterday, this figure has increased by 80.

Recall that the population of Poland is about 38 million people.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced after the record on Wednesday that the country will face “the most difficult times” and announced the strengthening of restrictions.

The details should be announced on the day of March 25.

Recall that Poland returned to the national lockdown on March 20. Hotels, with some exceptions, shopping centers (with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies, press kiosks), cinemas, theaters, museums, ski slopes, swimming pools, gyms, saunas, restaurants, bars, tennis courts, and casinos are already closed throughout the country.

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