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Germany refused to stop vaccination of AstraZeneca after the death of patients

Germany will not suspend the use of the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine in the country, despite reports of deaths due to blood clots in patients who received it. This was reported at the Paul Ehrlich Institute for the Development of Vaccines and Biomedical Medicines, which is responsible for the admission and control of drugs.

“There is still no evidence that the death in Denmark is associated with the vaccine against COVID-19 from AstraZeneca,” the department said. Currently, 11 cases of thromboembolic complications are known in Germany, four people have died. However, the link between vaccination and complications has not yet been identified.

Earlier, three European countries — Italy, Norway, and Denmark — stopped vaccination against coronavirus with doses from the ABV285 batch of the AstraZeneca drug. The authorities clarified that this is a precautionary measure: in all cases, it has not been proven that death is somehow related to the consequences of vaccination.

The unknown strain of coronavirus discovered in the UK

A new, previously unknown strain of coronavirus has been discovered in the UK.

This was reported by the Office of Public Health England.

Two cases of the new variant of the virus, dubbed VUI-202103/01, have been identified in the southeast in people who recently returned from Antigua.

It is noted that this strain contains spike mutations E484K and N501Y. The management has not yet provided more detailed information on this variant of the virus.

“Identification of contacts has been completed, no additional cases have been found at the moment,” the message says.

As previously reported, Norway, Italy, and Iceland, following Denmark, are stopping the use of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine. The decision is related to the possible side effects of the drug.

In addition, scientists have found that Pfizer’s vaccine is effective against the British strain of coronavirus.

Italy, following Norway, suspended vaccination with AstraZeneca

Italy and Norway are going to suspend the COVID-19 vaccination with the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca after receiving information about the formation of blood clots in vaccinated citizens in Denmark. It is reported by the Norwegian Institute of Health and the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa).

“Due to the reported death in Denmark due to a blood clot following the introduction of the AstraZeneca vaccine, Norway has decided to suspend vaccination with the drug,” the Health Institute said.

At the moment, the European Medicines Agency has begun research on this drug, but it is still impossible to understand whether there is a connection between the vaccine and blood clots, the Danish doctors noted.

Denmark previously suspended vaccination with AstraZeneca due to blood clots.

Denmark detained 7 suspects in preparation for terrorist attacks

The Danish Security and Intelligence Service announced the arrest of seven people suspected of preparing terrorist attacks.

It is reported by the Danish DR with reference to the press service of the agency.

The detainees are suspected of preparing “one or more” terrorist attacks or involvement in the preparation of terrorist attacks, in particular, in the acquisition of components of explosives and weapons.

The arrests took place on February 6-8 as part of a large-scale operation involving law enforcement officers from several regions. Another likely accomplice was detained in Germany.

The citizenship, nationality, and religious affiliation of the detainees are not specified.

Let us remind you that a 16-year-old teenager from Syria was recently detained on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack in Norway.

Denmark will increase defense spending in the Arctic

Denmark wants to ramp up defense spending in the Arctic amid fears that a number of geopolitical players will intensify the struggle for control over resources and waterways in the region due to climate change and shrinking ice cover.

Reported by Reuters.

In particular, such risks are seen by Russia and China. In recent decades, Denmark and its other northern neighbors have tried to avoid tensions in the Arctic.

“We have seen an increase in foreign activity in the Arctic and North Atlantic Ocean. We need better surveillance and a stronger presence in the region. Not to escalate tensions — but because we need to take threats seriously,” Defense Minister Trine Brahmsen said.

The deputies decided to use half of the allocated funds — 1.5 billion Danish kroner (about 245 million dollars) — on modern drones, which will strengthen surveillance in Greenland.

They want to spend about 400 million on aerial surveillance radar in the Faroe Islands.

Currently, Denmark, a NATO member, has one aircraft, four helicopters, and four monitoring vessels over a large area. In addition to their usual presence, they look after fishing vessels and carry out search and rescue operations when necessary.