Scientists compared COVID immunity after disease and vaccination

Immunity, which is formed after recovery from COVID-19, protects against reinfection as effectively as the vaccine.

The Guardian writes this, citing a study by Public Health England.

“Immunity gives you an effect almost like the Pfizer and a much better effect than the AstraZeneca vaccine, and that’s encouraging for people,” said Professor Susan Hopkins, an adviser to the organization.

Once cured of the coronavirus, immunity gives 83 percent protection within 20 weeks. The researchers also note:

Immunity protects against reinfection with symptoms of  94% of the time;

the likelihood of getting  asymptomatically is higher: in this case, immunity works in 75% of cases.

Scientists recalled that during clinical trials, the popular Pfizer showed efficacy in 95% of cases, AstraZeneca — in 65%.

At the same time, the study does not allow us to draw conclusions about the level of immunity in older people who have recovered from coronavirus. This is due to the fact that all test participants were between the ages of 35 and 54.

Also, the question of reinfection with new strains of  remains open.

Recall, earlier, American scientists opposed the use of anti-diarrheal and anti-inflammatory drugs to eliminate the symptoms of COVID-19.

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