Merkel considers full lockdown with the stop transport

Because of the British strain of the coronavirus, the country may “shut down” almost completely — stopping transport, imposing curfews, and remote work.

German Chancellor is considering extending existing quarantine measures throughout the country, as well as strengthening the lockdown. This was reported by Bild on Thursday, January 14, citing her own sources.

The decision may be taken at the conference of prime ministers of the federal states next week — the country will be almost completely “closed” in connection with the spread of the British strain of and the record deaths from COVID-19.

In particular, the office is considering shutting down local and intercity public transportation — buses, trains, and regional trains. They also want to impose a de facto curfew and mandatory remote work across the country.

Sources say that such a lockdown should last until the end of February, but a decision has not yet been made.

Recall that a strict quarantine began in on January 11. The severe quarantine will last at least until the end of January. Students study remotely. Gyms, restaurants, hotels, and museums are closed.

soon tightened the rules for entry from at-risk countries. Visitors from particularly high-risk countries will have to present a recent negative test prior to entry. Others will be allowed to take the test on the spot.

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