Irina Shayk has an affair with Kanye West — Media

Irina Shayk has an affair with Kanye West — Media

It seems that Kanye West did not grieve for long after his divorce from Kim Kardashian. According to DeuxMoi, the rapper has been dating Irina Shayk for several weeks. We have no direct evidence of their affair — we have to be content with the words of insiders.

“They are definitely dating,” the first informant said. “I don’t know about relationships and dating, but they definitely have an interest in each other,” said a second insider.

Another indirect proof of the probable romance between Shake and West is that in April, the model was seen wearing a hoodie created by the musician in collaboration with Balenciaga. The sweatshirt depicts rapper DMX, who died on April 9 from a cardiac arrest caused by a drug overdose. In addition, Irina and Kanye have long known each other: in 2010, the model starred in his music video Power.

Recall that Kim and Kanye broke up at the end of last year. The disagreement between the couple began last summer when the rapper said that during the first pregnancy, Kim wanted to have an abortion. His speech and subsequent tweets that Kim was allegedly trying to lock him in a room with a therapist to silence him caused widespread controversy; Kim eventually had to admit that her husband suffered from a bipolar personality disorder. It is rumored that the ex-spouses have not spoken to each other for several months, preferring to resolve all issues through lawyers.

As for Irina, her relationship with Bradley Cooper ended in 2019. They raise their four-year-old daughter Leia together. In an interview, Irina said that she considers Cooper a good father. “Bradley is an amazing father,” Shaik shared. — I’ve never understood the term ‘ co-parenting.’ When I’m with Leia, I’m 100% her mom, when she’s with her dad, he’s 100 % her dad. Co-parenting is just parenting.”

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