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The leader of the “Green” in Germany got into a scandal because of the call to arm Ukraine

The leader of the “Green” in Germany got into a scandal because of the call to arm Ukraine

Despite the discontent in the party, Habeck did not retract his words about weapons for the Ukrainian army and explained exactly what he meant.

In June, the German Green Party was going to approve the election program. But now the words of its leader, Robert Habeck, have created problems. After all, he actually retreated from the traditional pacifist position of his political force.

“In my opinion, it is difficult for Ukraine to refuse weapons for self-defense, in particular, defensive weapons,” Habeck was quoted as saying by Bild. He made this comment during a visit to Ukraine, during which he visited the frontline of the war.

The leader of the “Greens” was then criticized not only by politicians from the SPD and the “Left”. Some members of the same party also distanced themselves from Habeck. The former leader of the” Green “ Jurgen Trittin rejected the proposal to make an exception for the Ukrainian army.

“The export of weapons to Ukraine contradicts our principle, which requires us to abandon the export of weapons to war zones,” Trittin stressed.

However, Habeck did not go back on his words. Instead, he offered a more detailed explanation of what he meant.

“Ukraine is not only fighting for itself, it is defending the of Europe. And she was left alone,” Habeck explained, adding that he was referring to the export of “ night vision devices, reconnaissance equipment, ammunition disposal equipment, as well as technologies for transporting and treating the wounded.”

“I spoke about Ukraine, about the specific situation, about the annexation of Crimea and the shelling of soldiers, “the Green leader stressed.

He stressed that he did not call for the supply of weapons to other countries. At the same time, he ruled out the possibility of Ukraine joining in the near future.

“No, you just can’t do it right now. is not ready. This will lead to an aggravation of the situation. Ukraine needs to be patient, “ he advised.

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