Huawei expects to introduce 6G networks by 2030

CEO Xu Zhijun said this week that the company will introduce its 6G networks around 2030. According to him, these networks will be 50 times faster than 5G.

The plans of the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment rely on the already existing advantage over competitors in 5G networks. According to the source, this advantage is due to the firm position of the company when discussing developments that are included in 6G.

is going to release an official description of 6G, which will help the industry understand the essence of the next generation of networks.

In addition to the increase in speed, 6G networks will provide a delay of one-tenth of the delays in 5G networks. Of course, 6G networks will far outperform 5G networks in terms of peak speed, number of connections, mobility, spectrum efficiency, and positioning capabilities. It’s also important to understand that the ultra-fast network is just a 6G offshoot. According to experts, the right 6G network will lead to the integration of terrestrial wireless and satellite communications, resulting in seamless global coverage through the integration of satellite communications.

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