Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have announced their separation

Jennifer Lopez, 51, and Alex Rodriguez, 45, were never able to save their relationship. Today, the former lovers made an official statement in which they announced their separation after four years of relations. Despite the breakup, the singer and the baseball star will continue to support each other in common work projects.

We realized that it is better for us to remain friends, and we really hope that we will be able to maintain a warm relationship. We will continue to work together and support each other in common causes and projects. We wish our children and each other all the best,

Lopez and Rodriguez addressed fans on the Today show.

The first rumors that the relationship of the star couple is not all smooth, appeared in mid-March. Then the portal TMZ reported that Jen and Alex broke off the engagement, but soon after that, the lovers themselves denied their separation. They said that they are still together, and clarified that they are now working on their relationship.

All articles on this topic are unreliable. We are currently working on some things in our relationship, the couple said at the time.

Soon, the press reported that Rodriguez flew to Lopez to shoot in the Dominican Republic, and then the tabloids flew around paparazzi pictures, in which the lovers showed an absolute idyll in the relationship: gently hugged and kissed.

Insiders, in turn, claimed that the couple is doing everything possible to overcome the crisis. According to them, Jennifer and Alex spent several days together in the Dominican Republic, during which Lopez felt absolutely happy. At the same time, many fans noticed that some time ago, the singer took off the ring that Rodriguez gave her during their engagement in the Bahamas.

The romance of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez became known in 2017. The couple quickly became close, moved in together, and raised the children from their previous relationship together. In 2019, Alex made a marriage proposal to his beloved. The couple postponed the wedding several times: first because Lopez was preparing for a big concert tour in honor of her 50th birthday, and then because of the pandemic.

It is possible that the reason for the separation of Lopez from the groom was his infidelity. Earlier in the press, there were rumors about his affair with the young star of the reality show Madison LeCroy. However, then these conversations quickly faded away, because both Rodriguez and his close friends claimed that these were empty rumors. At the same time, insiders claim that the problems in the relationship of Jennifer and Alex began at the end of 2020. Then Jen’s friends allegedly opened her eyes to her boyfriend and told her that he had been entering into romantic correspondence with a variety of girls for several years.

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